about kylies cat grooming services

Kylies Cat Grooming Services is a cat grooming service that is based in the western suburbs of Melbourne.  We provide professional Wash, Clip and Trimming services for all your pets regardless of size.


Call Us – 0410 553 835

We use the most up to date equipment to groom your cat in a comfortable and humane way.

All grooming is done in a compassionate and caring way with no tethers used or sedation given.

*Please be aware that every cat has a different growth rate of their fur. The underlayer of the fur can take up to a year for some cats to grow back (The shedding fur). Matting, age and
season can contribute to this. Please be assured that the fur will grow back.

**Important Information**

1. Please be advised that I’m not a mobile groomer and all grooms will need to be done at my home studio. ( I’m based in Derrimut/Deer Park)

2. You will need to be present with your fur baby/s to help hold as I do not sedate. If you find it stressful to do so you will need to bring someone else with you to help hold.

3. Please be on time as I have other clients after you.

4. If you cannot make the appointment please let me know straight away so the appointment can be given to someone else on the waiting list. ( I am happy to reschedule your appointment if you cannot make it.

5. When you receive a text or message for a reminder of your fur baby/s groom, please respond that day/night of the reminder. If not the appointment will be given away.

Kindest regards.

Our Services

  • Cat Ear and Eye Cleaning
  • Cat Fur Clipping with or without bath & dry
  • All Cat sizes
  • Matted Cat Fur Clipping
  • Cat Nail Clipping
  • Cat SoftPaw Nails
  • Removal of Winter Matting
Call Us – 0410 553 835